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Milic signed a contract with Krylia

22-year-old forward Bogdan Milic signed a tree-year contract with Krylia Sovetov. Immediately upon signing he was interviewed by www.KC-CAMAPA.ru:

Say a few words about yourself.

I was born in Montenegro and at first played for the local clubs. Throughout 1999 - 2005 played for FC Mladost. Then three seasons for FC Buducnost (both teams from Podgorica). I became champion with Buducnost. In 2008 Miodrag Bojevic was head coach there and he invited me to Amkar so I could have turned up in Russia some time earlier. I even was on a try-out with Lokomotiv when Rashid Rakhimov was coach, but I chose Holland then. I saw Bojevic in Holland some time ago. He is now coaching Dinamo, isnt he? I am sorry that I wont be able to help Krylia in the game vs. Dinamo [The match Dinamo vs. Krylia Sovetov will take place 31 July and new players will be only able to play from1 August].

So how did you turn up in Krylia?

My agent Dejan Maksimovic knows Russian clubs. He is the agent of such famous players as Ivanovic and Krasic. He showed DVDs to Krylia management. So I came to Samara in the beginning of June and signed the contract with which I am perfectly happy.

What do you know about Samara?

I know that Lada cars are manufactured here. Koroman, whom I know, said that Samara has great supporters. And Russian consul in Podgorica told me about Samara girls.

Which language do you prefer?

I can speak English, Dutch, Italian and of course Serbian. I learnt Russian at school. I am now getting it back. I believe that Petrovic and Drmic will help me learn quickly what I need to know at the football field.

Do you know that Jan Koller played for Krylia last season?

Yes, I know, but I dont know him personally. I know that he is 1 cm taller than me [Milics height is 201 cm] and has a bigger shoe size. So I still have to catch up.

Which number did you choose?

I have always played under number 9. It is my lucky number. The numeric code of my name is 9. This number is taken in Krylia, so I chose 90.

24 June 2010
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