22 June 2018 . 15:31

Anton Bober: These three points are very important

You started perfectly and then slowed down, why?

It is psychological. We needed these three points badly, and we subconsciously tried to keep this score, and though a player of the opponent was dismissed, we still had a very difficult ending of the match.

What was weighing down more: the position on the table or the fact that you had to win on the anniversary day?

Of course the position of the club.

Do you see any special symbolism in the fact that you, a team veteran, scored on the anniversary day?

It was long ago when I last scored, so I wanted to score very much, and I am happy it happened today, and moreover that we won.

Did the fact that today is the teams birthday motivate or disturb you?

I wouldnt say we need additional motivation now, because our position motivates us.

Were you instructed in a special way, maybe the veterans told you something?

No one came into our dressing room in order not to disturb.

You know that you score every year?

Yes, I read the statistics.

You follow it?

It was written in the match program.

Did the club management congratulate you on the win?

The management didnt come yet, maybe they will come now. Everyone is happy of course that we won on Krylias anniversary.

4 May 2012
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