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Vitaliy Shashkov: After the ninth place we would like to make a small step forward

General Director of Krylia Sovetov Vitaly Shashkov gave an interview to the program "Football Region" on TRC Gubernia. We publish the mainbroadcasted points of the interview.

Concerning the final result of the season

Guaranty of good result is full confidence to the coaching staff and to us by the government of the region. This allowed all the services of the club to work gradually, systematically and professionally. For the third year already we can feel stability in Krylia. Frankly speaking, this was not able for a long time. The club is changing and in many respects this is the reason why our team has shown the best result in the last six years. You also understandthat in 2008-2009, there were more experienced players in Krylia such as Koller, Jarošík, Tikhonov, Kalachev and others. Therefore, our current result is twice agreeable. We assess the ninth place of our club as a good result. This is a step forward.

Concerning a contract extension with Frank Verkauteren

The negotiations were constructive. The club announced its wishes, from the other side this was made by Frank. We found a compromise, and choose the common aims for moving forward. Frank is a purposeful coach, he always wants more. But we take into account our opportunities at the moment. One of the terms of a new contract the coaching staff will be paid the salary in roubles. We managed to agree upon this and we are grateful to Frank that he went to meet the clubs wishes.

Concerning changes in coaching staff

Frank Verkauteren is the main person who makesdecisions about the coaching staff.He decides namely what assistant he needs. Jos Daerden left the team and our junior team will have a new coach. The main candidate is expected a little bit later, to the start of the first season. The club would like to see that the junior team is paid more attention.

Concerning the formation of the team

The contracts with Nadson and Taranov were resigned. The offers were made to a number of other players. The guys took the time to think it over. The new contracts are built according to the principle: "you earn money, you dont get it". Frank expressed his wishes and informed, with whom he would like to continue his work. I know that the fans are concerned about preserving Iohan Mollo. We made him an offer. Let's just say, this is the maximum offer that our club is ready to make. He refused. But there is an opportunity, though small, of his return. The doors of Krylia are opened for him, but perhaps he would like to choose from different variants. There is a lot of interest on the future work with Pavel Yakovlev. We made him an offer. We know that he would like to stay in Samara. But at the moment there is no clarity on him. The club conducts selection work, there will be definitely 22-23 players nominated in the team. Also 3 or 4 players from junior team will always train with the regular squad.

Concerning camps

The first camps will be held in Samara. It suits everybody. The second camp is longer than usual. With regards to the place of training there are three variants. We decide it very soon.

Concerning tasks for the new season

The club is going to develop and move forward. We need to make a small step forward, to keep stability. Well, if in addition to this well be able to achieve higher goals; it will be accepted by everybody positively. The higher we are in the table, the easier we can attract good players to the team, and the more satisfied will be our fans.

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