17 January 2019 г. 18:39

The first defeat at the training camp

The third opponent of Krylia Sovetov at the Turkish camp was Cracovia from Poland, which is ranked 12th out of 16 in the national championship. After a warm talk before the match the head coaches Michał Probierz and Andrey Tikhonov agreed that in case of expulsion they will let a substitute onto the pitch and the teams will play with their full squads. The Samara team had to use this agreement in the 22nd minute, when Kiselev entered the pitch instead of dismissed Bashkirov. The final score was fixed in the 58th minute of the match after two accurate goals scored from a close distance by the players of Cracovia. Later on the Samara team could not only even the score, but also go ahead, but in the final stage we lacked sufficient accuracy. Krylia used two groups of players in this match, the first group played to 62 minutes and then it was completely substituted.

The second today's match will be held at 18:00 in the evening. Krylia Sovetov will play against Neftchi Baku.

Trial match

Krylia Sovetov – FC Cracovia (Poland) - 0:2 (0:1)

Goals: 99 Piątek, 40'; 44 Brock, 58'.

Krylia Sovetov (to 62nd minute): Konuhov, Burlak, Yatchenko, Nadson, Tkachuk, Lanin, Georgievskiy, Chochiev, Bashkirov (Kiselev, 22'), Tikhonov, Samodin.

Krylia Sovetov (from 62nd minute): Konuhov, Viznovich, Mijailovic, Kulik, Gotcuk, Taranov, Zotov, Sobolev, Zinkov, Nemchaninov, Klenkin.

Cracovia (Poland) (1st half): 30 Wilk, 3 Sipľak, 5 Čovilo, 11 Wdowiak, 19 Hernández, 25 Drewniak, 34 Dytyatev, 39 Helik, 87 Diego, 92 Rakels, 99 Piątek.

Cracovia (Poland) (2nd half): 40 Peškovič, 97 Pick (9 Rakotzi, 55'), 21 Deja, 13 Kanach, 33 Pestka, 8 Dimun, 10 Zenjov, 6 Lusiusz, 7 Čulina, 23 Mihalík, 44 Brock.

Subs: 95 Kruppa

Cautions: 99 Piątek, 9'; Lanin, 9'; Yatchenko, 15'; 19 Hernández.

Expulsions: Bashkirov, 22'.

27 January 2018
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