23 February 2019 . 04:11

Vladimir Kazakov: I'm sure the results of the second half of the season will be better

Head coach of Krylia Sovetov-2 Vladimir Kazakov was the guest of the football program called Krylia Gubernii on the Samara local radio (92.5 FM) where he discussed the preparation of KS-2 team for a spring round of the Professional Football League Championship, the teams cinema outing and much more with the broadcasters. We publish the main theses of the broadcast.

On the first training camp of KS-2 and penalties

At the first training camp we were in the process of rehabilitation work. The players underwent medical examination. We worked on their physical condition, in order to bring them into playing form. Weve fulfilled all weve planned. Each player was given homework for the holiday. It was not done in full and not by everyone, but due to their age I think that this is normal. Not everyone understands the importance of this process yet. The requirements to young players are somewhat less than to the main squad. There are no special penalties - they have low wages. We hold more explanatory discussions.

On the cinema outing and basketball

The weather was very nice at the first training camp in Samara, it was rather mild. Of course, there were some difficulties as the club base is under reconstruction. We had to eat out of the base and look for a training facility. But everyone, to whom we addressed, met our wishes and we must thank them for helping. In addition to the game training, we paid attention to team building activities. The whole team went to watch an amazing movie "Going Vertical ". We also attended games of the Samara basketball club. I think such things are very useful for the guys. First of all, it is always interesting to look at the professionals from another kind of sport. Secondly, the boys saw how the basketball players show character throughout the game to achieve the desired result.

On the newcomers

Of course, we constantly have new players. But we focus on our trainees from Krylia Sovetov football school and Togliatti Konoplyov football academy. Before the start of the season, we tried the guys born in 2000. At the end of the autumn half, we tried the guys born in 2001. We cant take everyone, but we try to pay some attention to everyone.

On the progress of young players

Not everyone can play at the level of KS-2 and the PFL. Its obvious that our guys have advanced for the last six months; the creation of KS-2 team was the right decision. This is a very good experience for the guys. The results are not yet in line with our ambitions, but we are working and Im sure that the results of the second half will be better. The level of the PFL is much higher than the level of the reserve team. The main difference is the difference in the skill level of opponents.

About training plans

"The team has started the second training camp in Samara. Now we are working on the speed and accuracy of the ball possession, we bring the players to their optimal condition. At the end of the training camp, we have a tournament which is planned to be held in Kazan. We build the whole work around this tournament so that the team will show good results. I always encourage my players for winning in all their undertakings. They need to acquire winning spirit right now."

7 February 2018
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