23 January 2019 . 01:58

Andrey Tikhonov: Krylia created more moments and therefore were closer to victory

The head coach of Krylia Sovetov shared his thoughts after the guest win in St. Petersburg on the outcome of the match and responded to journalists questions.

Dynamo is one of the most playing and best teams in the League. It is difficult to show high-quality football, which Dynamo plays, on a synthetic pitch below the average level. Everyone would like to play in the warmth, in the arena, showing more attractive football, but we play in frosty weather -8-10 degrees under windy conditions. The match against Spartak was canceled in Samara and weve run out of the game rhythm. We were preparing for the game vs. Spartak, reduced the workload in order everyone to be on top of their game. We lost 2-3 days of good preparation for the game against Dynamo. And hence, the quality of the game. We watched the contenders play. We knew how they would act. Dynamo has been taking some advantage of us today, but we had more scoring opportunities and therefore we were closer to victory. But I really like the St. Petersburg team. I hope that today they had their last defeat of the season.

Did you win owing to the grade level of the team?

Only major teams can have grade level. In the FNL, practically none of the teams has grade level. Some teams are a bit better, some are a bit worse. Some teams are playing more power football, and some teams - more technical one. I cant say that we won owing to the grade level today. Today we had a desire to win regardless of the game itself. The 3-5-2 scheme, which we played today, is defensive and I don't really like it. But weve been training this scheme a lot and therefore did not change anything.

4 March 2018
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