16 January 2019 . 04:02

Alexander Sobolev: the scored goal will give me confidence

Forward of our team Alexander Sobolev, who scored the goal into the net of Dynamo St. Petersburg in his first official game for Krylia Sovetov (the game ended in a victory of the Samara team 3:1), answered the questions of www.KC-CAMAPA.ru

Our congratulations on the goal scored! What emotions did you experience when you scored the goal into the net of Dynamo?

Only positive, of course. I scored only one goal at the training camp, could not score more, although had the chance. It's good that I scored in the first match, this will give me confidence in the next matches, and maybe I will score more.

Many players after the game of Krylia Sovetov vs. Dynamo St. Petersburg agreed that the Samara team won, as they say, owing to the grade level of the team. After the opponent equalized the score, did you have any doubt that you can miss the victory?

When they equalized the score, there was worry about it. The more so because the player, who I covered at the corner area, scored the goal. I thought: I just entered the pitch, my player scored, its my fault. I didnt want us to draw. But Sergey Kornilenko scored a goal. I think that we had much more scoring opportunities. I believe that the victory was well deserved.

The team has recently returned from the training camp, and the game in St. Petersburg was the first official match after the winter break. The temperature difference and the necessity to win every game: how fast did you manage to adapt yourself after the training camp?

Yes, you keep in mind the importance of the result. You cant lose points, you need only wins. We wanted to win and it's good that we achieved victory. Now we start preparing for the game against Tyumen. We have to play a difficult match, especially since the weather conditions are such that it's very difficult to play.

Youre not used to sub-zero temperatures during matches for the years of playing in Tomsk?

To be honest, I didnt often play at sub-zero temperatures. Of course, I played, but it was -5 then. During the match vs. Dynamo St. Petersburg the temperature was -10, and having entered the pitch as a substitute, I could not breathe after 5 minutes of football. It was hard to enter into the game at first, but after running everything was in order. The guys also said that it was hard to breathe.

The head coach of our team Andrey Tikhonov said that the team was preparing for the game against Spartak during the camp, and these days was preparing exactly for it. Was it psychologically difficult after you have received the information that the match was canceled?

I would not say that it was difficult, but what can you do? We will prepare for this match in April. They delayed their defeat until April (smiling). We will play in more favorable conditions, so that later no one will say that Krylia Sovetov won only because of the weather conditions, and Spartak could not show anything. We'll beat them in April and prove everyone.

5 March 2018
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