23 January 2019 . 01:09

Andrey Tikhonov: it's hard to beat the team, which plays defense with 9 people on the pitch

Press conference of Krylia Sovetov head coach Andrey Tikhonov after a victory over Tyumen (2:0) in the match of the 27th tour of the FONBET FNL Championship.

First of all, Id like to thank the employees of our club, who prepared the pitch for the resumption of the season through their heroic efforts. As for the game, there were a lot of fouls committed by Tyumen during the game. I dont understand why the head coach of the opponents team complains. Refereeing today was standard. There is always a lot of contest on such pitches. In such conditions, the scored goals have a great psychological effect on the team. It was not possible to play good football, but we tried to do it. The opponent looked good, but it's very hard to beat the team, which uses 5-4-1 scheme and plays defense with almost 9 people on the pitch. In such a situation, standards are coming to the fore. I'm very grateful that the guys had patience and scored the goals. Also I thank all the fans who came to the stadium and supported us in this match.

Full press conference of Andrey Tikhonov you can look soon on Krylia Sovetov-TV.

12 March 2018
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