24 March 2019 . 06:28

Evgeniy Konuhov: after a missed ball we started to attack more

After the match between Krylia Sovetov and Spartak-2, Krylias goalkeeper Evgeniy Konuhov answered the questions of www.KC-CAMAPA.ru

We exchanged goals with Spartak-2, this let the both teams play better, so we started to play more in the offence and both our team and the opponent's have completely failed to hold the ball.

Concerning the goal of Spartak-2: what was that?"

They had a good run, a kick, and maybe, I havent played enough well, and as a result, weve missed. We had then to change a little and try to score more.

When the weather is like this, how hard is it for the goalkeeper?

The weather is normal after the one which was when we played.

Is there a great difference between the game of the first and the second Spartak team?

Of course, this is a very big difference. These are absolutely different teams, they just have the same name.

Ahead is a match against Baltika and the opening ceremony of a new stadium in Kaliningrad. What can we expect from this game?

"Contest and obstinacy from our players. Actually, we wont have simple games. And the opening of the stadium is even a plus. It's always pleasant to open new arenas, especially those built for the World Cup.

7 April 2018
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