18 January 2019 . 12:03

Alexander Sobolev: Im happy with my first hat-trick

After the match between Krylia Sovetov and Spartak-2, Krylias forward Alexander Sobolev answered the questions of www.KC-CAMAPA.ru

Its my first time that I scored a hat-trick in the official matches. Its very pleasant, of course. Its very nice that we won. The match was very difficult, I think. Weve scored right after we missed a goal and it gave us the strength to score more.

You scored 3 goals in 23 minutes. Have you ever had such in your life?"

When I was a teenager, I also entered the pitch as a substitute and scored 4 goals in 15 minutes. At that time, I played in the Amateur Football Championship.

The player who is usually taking the penalty kick in our team is Dmitriy Yatchenko. How did it happen that you approached the ball?

I just asked - may I score my first hat-trick? Dmitriy gave me a chance. Thanks to him. Yes, I did not score from the first time, but I was lucky that the goalkeeper returned me the match and I managed to finalize the ball into the net.

Today there were two different halves in this game. What was the reason?

I even dont know why. I think that in some moments we played rather good ... Maybe a difficult pitch or tiredness after the Cup match or maybe everything together influenced on the game.

The next game vs. Baltika coincides with the opening of a new stadium in Kaliningrad. Is it going to affect the match?"

First of all, I should say that it will very difficult to play. The fans will come to a new stadium. But we will do our best and win this match.

You score in the third game in a row. Is it courage?

I dont know (smiling). I score, Im doing a good job. I was lucky, perhaps...

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