18 January 2019 . 12:18

Andrey Tikhonov: The match vs. Yenisey will be decisive for us

After the match Baltika Krylia Sovetov, in which Krylia Sovetov lost with the score 1:0, Krylia Sovetov head coach Andrey Tikhonov answered the questions of journalists at the press conference.

What are your impressions from a new stadium in Kaliningrad?

The more such stadiums we have, the more our fans will love football. Everything is so comfortable, so great, and your team has won. I congratulate Baltika. The team was well supported with a very large number of fans. I dont know how the stadium looks like from the stands but it looked very good from below. As for the locker rooms at the stadium, everything is very comfortable. Our game, of course, did not look very good.

In your opinion, was the penalty kick fair?

"I dont know, I must look. The decision of the referee was confident, so, probably, it was. I cant say exactly. Our player "missed", probably, the moment when the forward was bursting in, and he, evidently, had to seize. I cant say for sure whether there was a reason for awarding a penalty, but according to the reaction of our defender ... He ran out from the penalty area, he thought that there would be a shot from the goal. From outside it seemed that it was a penalty case. But we must watch the replay.

How would you rate the game of Baltika?"

"Baltika was reinforced by the playing footballers from the Premier League. These are: Sheshukov, Torbinskiy, who are the former RFPL players. Even now they can play there. Therefore, Baltika looks very good.

Does the Kaliningrad team deserve to play in the Premier League?

When you deserve to play in the Premier League, you will be in the Premier League.

Who from your opponents do you single out - Yenisey or Orenburg?

Both teams deserve, they are leaders. The forthcoming match against Yenisey will be a decisive game for us."

12 April 2018
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