19 March 2019 . 14:18

Andrey Tikhonov: I'm very glad that we won the match

Press conference of Krylia Sovetov head coach Andrey Tikhonov after the victory over Yenisey Krasnoyarsk (1:0) in the match of the 33d tour of FONBET FNL Championship.

The result is very important for us. We made a lot of mistakes today. As the coach of the guest team said, it's difficult to play football on such a pitch, but we have only one, we dont have any other. We failed to play a good game in the first half. The midfielders haven't figured out when it was necessary to regroup. I also wish to note that we played a combination with one forward for the first time. It has become much easier since the team regrouped in the second half. We started attacking and scored a goal. We almost missed a goal after the player of the opponents team has been sent off. Today, there was a lot of tension in the game due to the fact that the leaders of the tournament were playing. The game was balanced. When the teams are fighting for the places, then there arent so many chances to score. One opportunity can solve everything. Today that's the way it happened. Im very glad that we won the match. I congratulate the fans and the players on the victory.

Full press conference of Andrey Tikhonov you can look soon on Krylia Sovetov-TV.

15 April 2018
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