22 February 2019 . 08:33

Zurab Tsiklauri: Taranov leaving Krylia, KS-2 remaining a part of the Club

The representatives of Krylia Sovetov scouting department Zurab Tsiklauri and Maxim Lyapin met with the Samara football supporters at the Stella Artois restaurant (Michurina Str. 126). We publish the main points of the meeting.

On rumors of departure of a number of players from Krylia

"Indeed, Ivan Taranov will leave our team. We talked with him and informed him of the decision and wished him good luck. Ivan has been playing for Krylia Sovetov for many years and gave a lot to the club. Krylia Sovetov football club thanks Ivan, wishes him good luck and a successful continuation of his football career. He can always return to the Samara club in any capacity. As for Dmitriy Yatchenko, we told him that we are looking for the player to this position, but everything happens in football and he can stay if we cant close the position. We also thank Dmitriy for the years of playing for our club and always remain in contact - Dmitriy has become part of Samara and Krylia. The contract with Svyatoslav Georgievskiy has expired. It is possible that Sergey Samodin, Kirill Gotsuk and Vyacheslav Zinkov will continue their career in other clubs. Everything is under negotiation. We offered a new contract to Alan Chochiev, but everything is still under discussion."

On prospects of KS-2 and the reserve squad

The variant that the reserve team will be based at Togliatti Konoplyov football academy is viewed as the main option yet, since the basic age of the children is 16-17 years old and they need to finish school, and there are such conditions in Togliatti. Krylia Sovetov-2, having a squad of older age players, will continue to perform in the PFL. The changes will be made. Vladimir Kazakov has left the club and will continue his work elsewhere. We thank him for cooperation and wish him good luck. We will announce new KS-2 and youth team coaches in the near future. Negotiations are still in progress with the candidates. As for experienced players among the young, there should be more of them. Not 1 or 2, like this season, but 4-5. Then it will be easier for young players to develop and adapt more quickly to adult football.

On searching for new players

We are in constant dialogue with Andrey Tikhonov regarding the search for reinforcement. Were planning to sign 1-2 players before the first training camp, which will be held in Serbia. In general, we need reinforcement on all lines, except the goalkeeper, as were having now two experienced goalkeepers with the return of Giorgi Loria. We are looking for two centre-backs, a fullback, a winger, a "box-to-box" player and into the attack line. Are we looking for a variant with Mollo? He is not going to return to Russia just yet, and we are in touch with him. Fans can also offer their ideas to Krylias scouting department - on Twitter or club mail

On tasks for the upcoming season

Well be satisfied with the result if we can avoid play-offs and remain in the Premier League. A good result will be a place in the top ten. But the competition will be very serious.

On the plans of the club to announce Metallurg stadium as a reserve arena

This is normal practice. According to the regulations, clubs must have a reserve stadium in case of force majeure. Therefore, we will register both Samara Arena and Metallurg stadiums, so that the situation with the transfer of home matches to other cities is not repeated. In general, the more football pitches we have in Samara, so much the better will be.

6 June 2018
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