20 April 2019 . 22:44

Jan Koller: Im supporting Russia at the World Cup!

Many famous guests arrive for the World Cup in Samara. One of them is the legendary Czech forward Jan Koller, who has been playing for our team in 2008-2009. Before the game Russia vs. Uruguay, Jan visited Krylia Sovetov training base and answered questions of www.KC-CAMAPA.ru.

Im very glad to be back in Samara. I look forward to visiting a new Samara Arena stadium and the match Russia vs. Uruguay. I'm happy now being here at Krylia training base. I even took a couple of photos. It has changed quite a bit since I was here.

And what can you say about Samara and how its changed over these 9 years?

The city has certainly changed a lot. There are new roads, hotels, a new airport. Samara has become much more beautiful over the years.

Do you remember the time when you played for Krylia Sovetov?

I played for Krylia at the end of my career. I was very happy to play for Samara. I met a lot of good people here. Despite the fact that I spent a year and a half in Samara, I remember this time with pleasure. Id like to greet all fans of Krylia! I have no doubt that they support the team the same way as when I was a player of a Samara team. I follow the matches of KS. I know that in recent years, the Samara had several unsuccessful seasons. I wish them good luck! I'm sure that things will get better.

Do you have contacts with anyone of those years from Krylia?

Im in touch with Sava and Leonid Slutsky from Russia. And Im friends with Jiří Jarošík. We wanted to fly together to Samara, but, unfortunately, havent had a chance.

What do you do now?

I live in Monaco and supervise the Czech national U-18 football team. I'm searching for new players and dealing with other football matters.

You have surely watched all the 2018 World Cup matches. What can you say about the game of Russia?

Ive watched both matches of Russia. The guys were playing well. I think that they can go even further than 1/8. As for me, Im supporting Russia at this World Cup!"

25 June 2018
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