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Igor Povarov: we start a new season having a new stadium and new partners

In an interview for the club site, Krylia Sovetov financial director, Igor Povarov, spoke about the preparation of the club for the new season and summarized the results of 2018 World Cup. By tradition, we publish the main theses of the interview.

About the ticketing program for the season

I have to say that the work done on preparing the ticketing program for the season was not easy. To be precise, it is still ongoing. We need to solve a number of issues within an ambitious period, the main of which is the work on the integration of the stadium ticketing system into ours. Well begin selling tickets later, but well take steps to allow the football supporters to collect the season tickets as quickly as possible and they dont have any questions relating to the ticketing system functioning. We ask the supporters for understanding.

Krylia Sovetov will hold the Championship for the first time at a new arena. Accordingly, this is a new level of comfort for fans. The price for the season tickets starts from 3600 rubles - this is 225 rubles per game - in fact, this is the cost of going to the cinema. In addition to saving time and money, the owners of season tickets will be able to receive discount offers in our fan stores, from the club partners and participate in personal promotions and events organized by Krylia. Simultaneously with the season ticketing program, a parking structure for the Samara Arena is now being developed: the fans will be able to purchase both one-time and season vehicle access and parking permit. Later, we will begin collecting requests for the purchase of season tickets to Skyboxes.

About the new technical partner of Krylia

In the 2018/2019 season, Krylia Sovetov will have a new technical partner. This company will be PUMA. In our opinion, the products of this brand have all the necessary qualities - this concerns both quality and design. In addition, we like the active position of this company on the issues of future cooperation: we have already outlined a range of interactions. Now we can say that the joint production of Krylia and PUMA will be sold not only in the club shops, but also in the shops of the German brand. We will present the game kits for the season approximately a week before the start of the Championship. And the next day after its presentation it will be available in stores.

About sponsors

We have already reached an agreement to extend the contracts for a new season with a number of long-time partners of the club. Krylia have a certain range of reliable companies, who we've been cooperating for several years with. In the near future, the club will also sign a contract with the company, which will become the title partner of Krylia. In addition, it is planned to sign a number of agreements with new sponsors, who will be announced very soon. It so happens, that the club is starting a new season having a new stadium and new partners.

On the work of the club during 2018 World Cup

I would like to note that Krylia Sovetov were the first, if I may say so, to take the hit. The club actively participated in the test matches - the most important events before the start of the World Cup. We did a lot of work, and it is pleasant to know that it became a sort of a dress rehearsal for the Mundial at the Samara Arena.

Indeed, 2018 World Cup has become a real holiday not only for Samara football fans, but also for all residents of our city and the guests of Mundial. Even those people, who previously had no interest in the game №1, have become football fans. Id like to note that Krylia Sovetov took an active part in this football festival. Our club organized accommodation for fans from different countries aboard a river cruise ship, which served as a "Flotel". A series of MYACH PARTIES which took place on Fedor Dostoevsky ship, gained large popularity among fans from different countries: Serbia, Costa Rica, Australia, Denmark, Colombia and many others. The arrival of a legendary Czech forward Jan Koller, who previously played for Krylia Sovetov, has become a bright event for Samara. Jan visited the match Russia vs. Uruguay, met with the Acting Governor of the Samara Oblast Dmitriy Azarov in an informal atmosphere, gave a dozen interviews to international and federal media, visited one of MYACH PARTIES and talked to many football fans. Krylia Sovetov paid also attention to the veterans of the Club. They were presented with the tickets for 2018 World Cup matches. Thus, more than 40 veterans of Krylia Sovetov visited the Mundial matches in Samara.

In addition, the club hosted a kids football team from Krasnoyarsk orphanage - "Totem" in Samara. Krylia organized a tour of Samara, a trip along the Volga river, a beach football training workout for the young football players and, most importantly, a meeting with the players and the coaching staff of the Russian team. The children also visited the match Russia vs. Uruguay, which was held at the Samara Arena. I would like to thank all the employees of the club who took part in the organization and holding of these events. It will remain forever in the history of the city and the club.

On the heritage of Mundial

Undoubtedly, 2018 World Cup will leave an immense inheritance: in addition to the Samara Arena, these are training pitches, many different infrastructure facilities. The main task is to use properly what we've got and continue to popularize football in Russia. One of the tasks facing the club right now is to keep a certain level of organization of matches at the "Samara Arena". Of course, we do not have huge FIFA resources, when, for example, 1300 volunteers have been working in a match day. Plus, various activities that require a lot of financing. But Krylia have a great desire to make sure that the visit to the stadium will give only positive impressions to all the fans. We understand that football is now fighting for each viewer with a variety of entertainment that is available in the city. And our task is that a person does not have a question about where to go in the evening - to football or, for example, to the movie. Even now, were preparing an extensive show program for the match against CSKA Moscow. We hope that the fans will like it.

Id like to note that "Samara Arena" offers seats for people with disabilities. Well continue to work with this category of football fans also in the new season and waiting for them for each game of Krylia.

I also would like to inform you that all feedback, wishes and comments regarding the work of the club and visiting matches at the "Samara Arena" you can send to a special email address: comment@ks-samara.com.

11 July 2018
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