23 July 2019 г. 21:46

Krylia finished the training camp in Austria

The training camp program of Krylia Sovetov in Austria was finished with two trial matches, the first of which was against a German club Heidenheim. The match was held at Grieskirchen stadium in 30-degree weather, and the teams were given additional pauses in the middle of the halves. Because of the weather, the pace of the game was low, and the main scoring chances were created from standard positions. In one of them, Denis Tkachuk sent the ball with an excellent free kick under the crossbar, but the opponent’s goalkeeper saved it by jumping and deflecting it out for a corner. As a result - goalless draw 0:0.

The second match began in twenty minutes after the end of the first game. The opponent was FC Erzgebirge (Germany). The score was opened in the fifth minute of the match. A quick goal was organized by Pavel Yakovlev. Midfielder took the ball from the opponent and made an excellent pass, which was finalized by Danil Klenkin. In the 20th minute of the game the German club managed to win back thanks to Sören Bertram. And after that, the teams were given a pause becase of hot weather. Gadzhibekov was injured and Nadson, who has played also in the first match, had to return to the pitch. Beside him, also Chicherin and Burlak, who have already played in the first match, have entered the pitch during the game. The German club was playing with a new lineup in the second half. Already in the third minute of the second half, Luke Hemmerich completed a quick attack with an accurate shot in the goal of Krylia. At the end of the match, at 80th, 84th and 87th minutes, Albert Bunjaku performed a hat-trick - the result of the game is 1:5.

Today, late at night, Krylia Sovetov will go home and on July 23, they will continue to prepare for the season in Samara.

Trial game

Krylia Sovetov - Heidenheim (Germany) - 0:0

Krylia Sovetov: 14 Konyukhov, 18 Chicherin, 30 Burlak, 6 Nadson, 15 Zotov, 23 Poluyakhtov, 64 Lanin, 2 Bashkirov, 9 Chochiev, 31 Tkachuk, 8 Kornilenko.

Heidenheim (Germany): 1 Müller, 2 Busch, 5 Wittek, 7 Schnatterer, 10 Dovedan, 11 Thomalla, 16 Sessa, 18 Griesbeck, 21 Thiel, 28 Feick, 30 Theuerkauf.

Subs: 39 Köbbing, 4 Steurer, 6 Meinka, 9 Glatzel, 17 Multhaup, 27 Pusch, 29 Strauß, 31 Brendel, 34 Reitmeier, 35 Lankford, 36 Dorsch, 37 Kilik, 38 Skarke, 40 Ibrahim.

Expulsions: Burlak, 87' (second yellow).

Trail game.

Krylia Sovetov – Erzgebirge (Germany) – 1:5 (1:1)

Goals: 27 Klenkin, 5'; 23 Bertram, 20'; 6 Hemmerich, 48'; 40 Bunjaku, 80'; 40 Bunjaku, 83'; 40 Bunjaku, 87'.

Krylia Sovetov: 17 Loria, 26 Andreyevich, 26 Miyushkovich, 5 Gadzhibekov (6 Nadson, 20'), 42 Tikhonov, 10 Aliev (18 Chicherin, 60'), 20 Mijailovic, 16 Yakovlev, 21 Offenbacher (90 Burlak, 46'), 27 Klenkin, 7 Sobolev.

Erzgebirge (first half): Männel, Hochscheidt, Baumgart, Nazarov, Rapp, Rizzuto, Bertram, Wydra, Tiffert, Kusić, Herrmann.

Erzgebirge (second half): Männel, Kalig, Fandrich, Hemmerich, Kempe, Kvesić, Riese, Kakutalua, Iyoha, Strauß, Hartel.

19 July 2018
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