21 July 2019 . 10:35

Andrey Tikhonov leaves Krylia

Today our main squad had the last training session with Andrey Tikhonov as head coach.

It was announced that Tikhonov and the club decided to part. With Tikhonov last season Krylia got back to Russian Premier League and started the history of our new Samara Arena with two victories.

- Thats football. It happens that one day a club and a coach can not go forward together. Thats about Krylia now. I want to thank all the fans including our Fan Sector. he guys were with us home and away through and through. I also want to say best words about the Government of Samara Region and the Gouverneur Dmitry Azarov whose personal attention and support means a lot for the club. Krylia now is the top team, theres professional staff and the club continue to improve.

- I always feel home in Samara. When I was playing for Krylia or being the Head Coach. Everyone who works for the club should know that their job and help are priceless. These people made me feeling comfortable all the time and Im thankful to them.

- No doubt Im happy to get back to Samara anytime I have a chance. I have a lot of friends in the city. Samara, Krylia and the fans are in my heart. Tikhonov says.

5 October 2018
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