17 April 2021 г. 21:57

Игроки "Крыльев Советов" 1945-2021 года.

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Caballero Luis 22 April 1990 г.р.
Chayka Aleksander L.27 January 1976 г.р.
Chekmezov Sergey V.10 October 1964 г.р.
Chernenko Aleksander A.2 July 1987 г.р.
Chernikov Aleksander V.3 September 1961 г.р.
Chernov Nikita A.14 January 1996 г.р.
Chesnakas Sergey P.22 September 1961 г.р.
Chetchnev Mikhail N.14 August 1952 г.р.
Chicherin Nikita G.18 August 1990 г.р.
Chichkin Andrey G.12 October 1977 г.р.
Chiklinov Vladimir V.22 January 1962 г.р.
Chochiev Alan S.7 September 1991 г.р.
Choe Myong Ho 3 July 1988 г.р.
Chudinov Anatoly E.4 September 1947 г.р.
Chuvaev Vitaly A.15 April 1948 г.р.
Cygan Nikolai A.9 August 1984 г.р.
Da Silva Henrique Guedes 6 March 1972 г.р.

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