17 April 2021 г. 21:34

Игроки "Крыльев Советов" 1945-2021 года.

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Fakhrutdinov Rustyam G.5 September 1963 г.р.
Fedorov Alfred P.7 June 1935 г.р.
Fedosov Viktor A.26 April 1915 г.р.
Fedotov Aleksey N.2 November 1962 г.р.
Fedotov Evgeny I.12 May 1953 г.р.
Fedotov Stanislav A.27 March 1973 г.р.
Fetisov Anatoly I.2 January 1949 г.р.
Figurov Yury A.15 March 1924 г.р.
Filekovic Suad 16 September 1978 г.р.
Filippov Viktor I.24 April 1948 г.р.
Filippov Vladimir N.5 May 1968 г.р.
Fomenko Aleksander V.30 July 1952 г.р.
Fomin Vyacheslav V.7 March 1969 г.р.
Frolov Evgeniy K.5 February 1988 г.р.

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