17 April 2021 г. 20:30

Игроки "Крыльев Советов" 1945-2021 года.

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Nadson Jose Ferreira 18 October 1984 г.р.
Nagibov Vladimir N.9 March 1958 г.р.
Naumov Nikolay N.16 May 1966 г.р.
Nazarov Evgeny 1 January 1949 г.р.
Nedorostkov Vyacheslav V.5 July 1967 г.р.
Nemchaninov Dmitriy A.27 January 1990 г.р.
Nemov Petr A.18 October 1983 г.р.
Nenashkin Aleksander V.11 June 1969 г.р.
Nikolayev Andrey S.6 August 1976 г.р.
Nikonorov Sergey A.22 February 1958 г.р.
Nikulin Aleksander I.14 February 1979 г.р.
Nikultsev Gennady V.12 December 1935 г.р.
Novikov Fedor S.4 April 1927 г.р.
Novikov Viktor I.31 January 1912 г.р.
Novitskyi Pavel A.6 April 1989 г.р.
Nsofwa Chaswe 22 October 1980 г.р.

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