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Krylya Sovetov in the Championships of Russia

The biggest achievement - 3th place (2004).

The biggest number of games - belongs to Anton Bober (274 games).

The best goal-scorer - Andrey Karyaka (47 goals)

The best goal-scorer during one season - Andrey Karyaka (17 goals in 2004)

The biggest victories in home games:
6:1 Amkar (Perm). July, 16, 2006.

The biggest victory in guest games:
4:0 Torpedo (Moscow). July, 18, 2001.

The biggest defeat in home games:
1:6 Spartak (Moscow). July, 8, 1995.

The biggest defeats in guest games:
0:5 Spartak (Moscow). March, 29, 1992.
0:5 Spartak (Moscow). April, 9, 1994.
0:5 Rotor (Volgograd). August, 14, 1994.
0:5 Dynamo (Stavropol). November, 6, 1994.
0:5 Baltika (Kaliningrad). July, 27, 1996.
0:5 Alaniya (Vladikavkaz). July, 22. 1998.

Krylya Sovetov football club played their first game in the Championship of Russia on March, 29, 1992 against Spartak (Moscow) and lost to the home team 0:5.

Krylya Soveto are among the five clubs which participated in all the championships of Russia in the higher division. Being on the 14th place among 18 possible in the second Championship of Russia in 1993, Krylya Sovetov were in danger of being outcast. But, having won in the transition tournament, they kept the right to play in the Premier-Liga of Russia.

Their first victory Krylya Sovetov won on April, 12, 1992 in home game against Zenit (St. Petersburg): 1:0. The goal was scored by Aleksandr Tsygankov.

On September, 7, 1992 in the guest game against Dynamo (Stavropol) Krylya Sovetov lost with a score 0:2, but due to participation of a disqualified player in Dynamo, the home team got technical defeat 0:3. It was the first victory of Krylya Sovetov in a guest game. The first guest game victory, won directly on the field was over Tekstilschik (Kamyshin) on July, 1995, with a score 2:1.

The first goal of Krylya in the Championship of Russia was scored by Rustam Fakhrutdinov. This happened on April, 9, 1992 on the 16th minute of the home game against Asmaral from Moscow. The match ended with the victory of the guests: 2:1.

The first one to score a goal in a guest game was Sergey Makeyev. The goal was scored on the 75th minute of the game against Shinnik (Yaroslavl) on May, 2, 1992, The match ended in a draw 2:2 and it was the first draw of Krylya in a guest game. the first draw in a home game on Metallurg stadium was on April, 25, 1992.

The first missed goal was on the 6th minute of the first match in the Championship of Russia against Spartak (Moscow) from Vladimir Beschastny. The first missed goal in a home game was from Fomitchev of Asmaral (Moscow), April, 9, 1992 on the 17th minute of the game.

Championships of Russia, 1992-2010.

19925 (10)1858512-1918D1. Vyshaya Liga. Group B.
14 (20)2297622-1625Vyshaya Liga. Tournament for the places 9-20.
199314 (18)349121337-4730D1. Vyshaya Liga.
1 (6)531110-87Transition Tournament.
199413 (16)306121230-5124D1. Vyshaya Liga.
199515 (16)30681634-6526D1. Vyshaya Liga.
19969 (18)341291331-3845D1. Vyshaya Liga.
19977 (18)341471332-3049D1. Vyshaya Liga.
199812 (16)30981325-3735D1. Vyshyi Division.
199912 (16)30871539-4931D1. Vyshyi Division.
200014 (16)30851725-4529D1. Vyshyi Division.
20015 (16)30147938-2349D1. Vyshyi Division.
20025 (16)301541139-3249D1. Premier-Liga.
20039 (16)301191038-3342D1. Premier-Liga.
20043 (16)30175850-4156D1. Premier-Liga.
200514 (16)30781529-4429D1. Premier-Liga.
200610 (16)301081237-3538D1. Premier-Liga.
200713 (16)30881435-4632D1. Premier-Liga.
20086 (16)301212646-2848D1. Premier-Liga.
200910 (16)301061432-4236D1. Premier-Liga.
201013 (16)307101328-4031D1. Premier-Liga.
2011/1212 (16)4412151733-5051D1. Premier-Liga.
2012/1314 (16)30771631-5228D1. Premier-Liga.
2013/1414 (16)306111327-4629D1. Premier-Liga.

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